Memorial Scholarship

A tribute to Assistant Principal Wylie G. Burgan Jr.

The 澳门威斯尼斯人wns8-澳门威斯尼斯人wns888app-apple app store PTA has set up a memorial scholarship to honor Assistant Principal Wylie G. Burgan Jr., a dedicated educator who cared deeply about the 澳门威斯尼斯人wns8-澳门威斯尼斯人wns888app-apple app store community. Though he is missed by students, faculty and parents, we aim to honor his memory through this scholarship.


Donations can also be made by check, please indicate “Memorial Scholarship” on the check. Mail checks and employer matching forms to:

澳门威斯尼斯人wns8-澳门威斯尼斯人wns888app-apple app store PTA
Baskerville Hall
240 Convent Avenue
New York, NY 10031

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Silent Hallway

This place has become silent and lonely,
The jangling of your keys has died away,
Our grey schoolhouse is cold and empty,
We hear no footsteps in the hall today.

Some time ago your bold melodic voice
Inspired our school and made us rejoice.
Your stories of life’s glory and yearning
Gave everybody a passion for learning.

Native son of New York’s visionary past,
You taught us the great ideas that would last,
Saying “rise and address” as we expressed
Our hopes, wishes and dreams for success.

You showed us friendship and humility,
Reminded everybody of grace and humanity
Opened us to truths of wisdom and love,
Helped us to trust the soft voice from above.

With your “Burgan Bucks,” taxes, and fees,
We learned that nothing in this life is free,
And that leaving the “cave” to find the light
Meant that knowledge was within our sight.

We came by your office door to say our part —
Writing how you would always be in our heart,
We told you how much we miss you, and wrote
Of our sojourn in your life in a note.

We remembered how it was your fashion
To ask “How can I help you?” with a smile,
And care for others with joy and compassion,
Giving all you had, walking one more mile.

Oh father, mentor, counselor, teacher
How we long to hear your voice again!
Could you please tell us that story once more?
The one you just told us in class before.

This hallway will continue just the same,
As the hushed absence whispers your name.
Our children will cherish what you taught,
And guard your bright flame in their thought.

Written in memory of Wylie G. Burgan, Jr.

(Hershow, S. Jan. 2018)

© The High School for Math, Science and Engineering